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Operation of the Resort & Hotel

The “Gudou” brand is a well-known brand of integrated hot spring resort in the PRC. Gudou Holdings operates eight theme hotels, six are located in Gudou Hot Spring Resort, and two are located in cities (Jiangmen City, Panyu City). Among them, Royal SPA Hotel was rated as a five-star hot spring by the National Hot Spring Tourism Enterprise Star Rating Committee in 2020. The resort complexes with a variety of leisure and recreational facilities, including hot spring facilities, hotels, commercial stores, food and beverages outlets, recreational waterpark, a spa centre, a conference centre, parks, tourist attractions and other ancillary leisure and recreational facilities. The Group's newly established Guangdong Gudou Quanfeng Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. has further expanded its presence to Guangzhou with the official opening of Guangzhou Gudou Quanfeng Residence on 10 February 2021, marking the latest headway following the official operation commencement of Gudou Spring Superior Hotel, located in the center of Jiangmen on 15 January 2021.

  • (1) Royal Spa Hotel

    Royal Spa Hotel is a five-star royal garden theme hotel. It comprises Tang Palace and Japanese Pavilion under two completely different themes. Their architectural designs are respectively inspired by the extravagance of the Huaqing Palace of the Tang dynasty and the elegance of the Japanese traditional architecture. Adjacent to the hot spring valley, the hotel nestles in tranquil natural surroundings. The seclusion and luxury make the hotel a popular choice for health regimen tours, honeymoons and family tours.

  • Tang Palace

    Endowed with magnificent scenery, Tang Palace is inspired by the Huaqing Palace of the Tang dynasty. Notably, the quality of the water at Gudou Hot Spring Valley is the same as that at the Huaqing pool in Huaqing Palace. At Tang Palace, guests are transported to the Tang dynasty to soak up its luxuriance while they are recharging themselves in the hot springs.

    There are five villa suites and eleven hot spring suites at the Tang Palace. The villa suites are named “Lotus Pool”, “Begonia Pool”, “Peony Pool”, “Osmanthus Pool” and “Hibiscus Pool”. The hot spring suites, “Emperor Ming Pool” and “Guifei Pool”, are named after Emperor Ming of the Tang dynasty and his beloved concubine, Yang Guifei. Each of the hot spring suites contains five or six rooms.

    Both the villa and hot spring suites come with a private garden that is equipped with a hot spring pool. In addition, guests can enjoy a number of services and facilities in the Tang Palace, including Jiulong Pool, Boyalang Mahjong Room, Prince Restaurant and Golden Palace KTV.

  • Japanese Pavilion

    Japanese Pavilion is styled on Onsen, which stands for the bathing facilities and traditional inns around a hot spring in Japan. The rustic charm of the facilities and the atmosphere of tranquillity of the natural surroundings combine to soothe the guests.

    Japanese Pavilion contains seventeen standard double rooms, three king-size rooms, six duplex rooms and four suites with Furo (Japanese bath) for families and groups in which “Mountain Furo” and “Pine Furo” are two-bedroom suites, while “Bamboo Furo” and “Emperor Furo” contain three bedrooms and four bedrooms respectively.

    Guests can enjoy hot spring facilities with a wooden bathtub in the private Japanese-style deck garden. In addition, guests can also enjoy the view of the hot spring valley from the spacious and bright balcony in the Japanese Pavilion.

  • (2) Yuequan Huju Hotel

    Yuequan Huju Hotel is a high-end, neo-Chinese style boutique hotel for the maintenance and restoration of health. With sun-dried tangerine peel which is a famous local specialty of Xinhui as the hotel’s theme, guests here can follow a health maintenance regimen of hot spring while immersing themselves in a rich cultural heritage. The hotel is located at the northern end of the Gudou Hot Spring Town under the Gudou Mountains. It faces a lake and is endowed blessed with plentiful hot springs.

    Yuequan Huju consists of Baisha House and Maolong House that surround an old banyan tree. There are 36 hot spring suites which feature the local culture of Xinhui. Each suite is equipped with a big balcony, a hot spring pool and an electronic bidet. The spacious and comfortable rooms range from 80 to 1,100 square meters in area.

    Other amenities at the hotel include Chenpi Cultural Experience Centre, Citrus Pavilion Chenpi Theme Restaurant, Yuequan Public Hot Spring Area, and Ecological Yuequan Island.

    Besides, there are secluded courtyards at Courtyard of Fishing Platform.

    Each of the secluded courtyards comes complete with an infinity pool, a hot spring pool, a pavilion for retreat, and a fishing platform. They make Yuequan Huju Hotel an ideal destination for honeymoons, family tours, business travel and health regimen tours..

  • (3) Tulip Inn Lake View Hotel (formerly known as Holiday Lakeview Hotel)

    Tulip Inn Lake View Hotel includes Dragon Spring Suite and Lakeview Guest Lodge.

  • Dragon Spring Suite

    Dragon Spring Suite is a luxury villa at Gudou Hot Spring Resort. It consists of six rooms. Guests there can enjoy bating in an outdoor hot spring below a waterfall. Other facilities there include a karaoke lounge, a mahjong room. The rooms also come complete with a butler service. The villa is a good choice for a big party or gathering.

  • Tulip Inn Lake View Hotel

    Tulip Inn Lake View Hotel cooperates with Jinxi International in creating a hotel that features both the local culture and the atmosphere of the French Riviera. Guests there can truly experience with five senses what the hotel offers: soft light beams, music, French red wines and N coffee, etc.

    Adjacent to Yuequan Huju Hotel, Tulip Inn Lake View Hotel affords a scenic view of a lake. Guests can enjoy bathing in the public hot springs of Yuequan for free upon check-in at Tulip Inn Lake View Hotel.

    The Lake View Guest Lodge is a six-story hotel with two suites and 116 rooms. Guests there can enjoy a view of an idyllic setting of the lake. The hotel is suitable for couples looking for a value-for-money vacation at a hot spring.

  • (4) Mountain Seaview Apartment Hotel

    Mountain Seaview Apartment Hotel is Gudou Holdings’ fourth theme hotel complex. It is characterised by the facilities for health maintenance at hot springs in a pleasant living environment and a resort for health maintenance. The hotel comprises two low-rise buildings of apartments, commercial units and car parking spaces. The hotel has more than 600 rooms, all equipped with furniture, appliances and kitchens.

    The hotel also has ancillary facilities such as a club for health maintenance at hot spring, a health management centre, a street for health maintenance and leisure activities and a recreation club.

  • (5) LOHAS City Hotel

    The LOHAS City Hotel is a trendy hotel that projects a youthful image and embodies the concept of the lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS). It advocates love of life, love of the earth and attaches importance to the quality of life.

    The hotel is located at the centre of Gudou Hot Spring Town, near Quan Commercial Street, a barbecue bar, bars and the Hot Spring Valley. The 7-storey hotel contains a total of 163 rooms. Among the rooms are those specially designed for families. The hotel is suitable for families and young people.

  • (6) Hot Spring Villa Hotel

    Surrounded by mountains, the Hot Spring Villa Hotel is built in the style of a garden villa hotel. There are three types of guest rooms, namely the Thai-style rooms in the main building of the villa hotel and those in the South Asian style villas and Baden town villas.

    The main building of the villa hotel consists of 52 rooms, including the rooms with scenic views, elegant suites, “prince” and “princess” suites, and luxury rooms with scenic views. There are also 91 South Asian style villas with a total of 387 rooms and 120 villas in Baden Town with a total of 488 rooms.

    Each villa has a viewing terrace, private parking, a separate garden, a mahjong table and a hot spring pool. The spacious premises there serve as a good place for the gatherings of families and friends.

  • (7) Gudou Spring Superior Hotel

    Gudou Spring Superior Hotel is located on the bank of beautiful Pengjiang River—in Changdi Style Street, at No. 71-72, Dizhong Road. Changdi Style Street was the most prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Jiangmen in the past. The architectural features of the antique buildings there are accentuated by lighting. The combination of Chinese and Western architectural features in the Lingnan-style "arcade buildings" is a testimony to the historical changes in Jiangmen as a hometown of overseas Chinese. Gudou Spring Superior Hotel embodies the essence of the overseas Chinese culture of Jiangmen.

    The hotel is 15 storeys high, with gross floor area of 5,500 square meters. It contains 65 guest rooms and suites, including 2 deluxe rooms with full river view, 7 family suites with full river view, 7 Wangjiang Smart Select twin rooms, and 11 Wangjiang Smart Select double bed Rooms, 27 Wangjiang Riverside double bed rooms, 9 Smart Superior twin rooms, and 2 Smart Superior big bed rooms. Each room has a different style. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows afford magnificent views of the river. The hotel also provides a WeChat-enabled guest room control system to meet the guests’ various needs. The smart technology-enabled services show Gudou Spring Superior Hotel’s attentiveness to the guests. The hotel is also equipped with comprehensive supporting facilities such as multi-functional conference halls, with comfortable interior design and plentiful conference equipment. The multi-functional conference halls can meet the needs of events that range from seminars to corporate meetings.

  • (8) Guangzhou Gudou Quanfeng Residence

    Guangzhou Gudou Quanfeng Residence has 33 guest rooms, including 2 two-bedroom suites and 3 three-bedroom suites. The design is modelled on one of the ancient Lingnan (southern Chinese) architectural style, "Guanyindou", which features the shape of two handles of a wok on either sides of the roof of a building in the ancient town of Shawan, Panyu. Carrying on the tradition of the "Gudou" brand, the hotel organizes one-stop leisure and entertainment activities and are installed with comprehensive facilities to provide a new experience for tourists who prefer to enjoy the finer things in life in the traditional ambience.

    Guangzhou Gudou Quanfeng Residence is conveniently located in the Hills Ecool Creative Park in Panyu, which occupies a total site area of 340,000 square meters at the southern tip of Panyu District. The hotel is easily accessible by a developed network of roads around the Hills, including South China Expressway, Xinguang Express, Nansha Port Express and other highways. Therefore, it is easy to travel from the hotel to Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou, and thus elsewhere in the Pearl River Delta. It takes five minutes to reach the Chimelong Paradise, and the Blessing Colorful World within easy reach. The Clifford Station on Metro Line 21 will also be opened in 2021 and it is only an about 10-minute walk from the hotel. In the Panyu Golden Valley Eko Creative Park, a head office for environmental operation of business and a district for shopping and leisure will be built. Such plan has earned the park a reputation as "China's Number One Low-Carbon Community". The rising occupancy rates of the office buildings in Panyu will also mean an increase in business travelers who, in turn, can drive up the occupancy rates of the hotel and the spending there.

  • Resort facilities

  • Hot Spring Valley

    Hot Spring Valley is characterized by the combination of Eastern and Western architecture of the facilities such as public soaking pools and those for health maintenance. Covering an area of 100,000 square meters, Hot Spring Valley is bounded by mountains on three sides. Guests there can admire the beautiful natural environment while enjoying both chlorine hot springs that originate from the ocean and radon hot springs which is of the same water quality as Huaqing Lake. Hot Spring Valley is the only place in Guangdong province where one can enjoy the two types of hot springs at the same place.

    There are 62 hot spring pools under different themes, including Chinese medicine hot spring pool, Chenpi hot spring pool and floral fragrance hot spring pool, etc.

  • Natural Spring Waterpark

    With the geographical advantage of being next to Xinhui Dongfanghong Reservoir, Natural Spring Waterpark is built with the mountain streams at Gudou Hot Spring Resort as its feature. The park is equipped with a water slide, an artificial wave generator and paddle boats, etc.

    (Natural Spring Waterpark opens from April to October every year.)

  • Gudou International Conference Centre

    Gudou International Conference Centre is a popular destination for hosting corporate events, such as management retreats, seminars, conventions, conferences, meetings and banquets. The conference centre is located in close proximity to Gudou Hot Spring Valley where attendees can use the various kinds of hot spring facilities and relax and rejuvenate at the Regimen Spa after meetings or events.

  • Regimen Spa

    Regimen Spa is a spa centre which offers a one-stop service that encompasses various types of spa and body treatments with local characteristics and is usually only available at a private club.

    There are rooms for health maintenance and massage and Sakura Hot Spring Inn rooms that come complete with luxury private hot spring pools, providing a variety of health maintenance services such as saunas, spa pedicure and hot and cold baths.