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Operation of the Resort & Hotel

There are four themed hotel complexes at Gudou Hot Spring Resort, namely Royal Spa Hotel, Holiday Lakeview Hotel, Hot Spring Villa Hotel and Mountain Seaview Hotel together with a variety of leisure and recreational attractions that included a total of 62 public hot spring pools as well as other ancillary facilities such as a spa centre and a conference centre. We also operate Natural Spring Waterpark, which opens from April to October every year.

Royal Spa Hotel

Royal Spa Hotel, comprising Tang Palace and Japanese Pavilion, was constructed with two distinctive themes, each inspired by the extravagance of Tang dynasty building style and the elegance of oriental and Japanese architectural design.

Tang Palace

Tang Palace was constructed as a Chinese quadrangle, which is aimed at simulating the Tang dynasty, with villas and suites which are connected with well decorated pathways. Most of these suites have private gardens featuring hot spring pools. Guests can enjoy private hot spring facilities at their own villas or suites.

Japanese Pavilion

Japanese Pavilion was constructed with reference to Japanese architecture. It aims to provide guests with comfort and tranquility with rooms and suites decorated with traditional Japanese ornaments. Guests can enjoy hot spring facilities in wooden bath tubs at the private Japanese podium garden. Each suite has a private hot spring pool.

Holiday Lakeview Hotel

Holiday Lakeview Hotel comprises Dragon Spring Suite, Lakeview Guest Lodge and Beachfront Cabanas.

Dragon Spring Suite

Dragon Spring Suite is a luxury standalone complex in Gudou Hot Spring Resort comprising a private outdoor hot spring pool with waterfall setting.

Lakeview Guest Lodge

Lakeview Guest Lodge is a six-storey hotel building, surrounded by picturesque scenery overlooking the lake.

Beachfront Cabanas

Beachfront Cabanas are located at the beach next to Natural Spring Waterpark and Gudou Honeymoon Island. The Beachfront Cabanas offer coloured cabanas with different configurations.

Hot Spring Villa Hotel

Hot Spring Villa Hotel comprises Hot Spring Guest Lodge, South Asian Villas and Baden Town Villas.

Mountain Seaview Hotel

Mountain Seaview Hotel is Gudou Holdings’s fourth themed hotel complex, comprising two towers of low-rise apartments, commercial units and carpark spaces.

Gudou International Conference Centre

Opened in 2005, Gudou International Conference Centre is a popular destination for hosting corporate events, such as management retreats, seminars, conventions, conferences, meetings as well as for banqueting. The conference centre is located in close proximity to Gudou Hot Spring Valley where attendees can use the various kinds of hot spring facilities and relax and rejuvenate at the Regimen Spa after meetings or events.

Regimen Spa

Regimen Spa is a spa centre which offers various types of spa and body treatments.

Natural Spring Waterpark

With the geographical advantage of being located next to Xinhui Dongfanghong Reservoir, we operate the Natural Spring Waterpark with natural spring water streams at Gudou Hot Spring Resort, which is equipped with a water slide, an artificial wave generator and paddle boats etc.